Workplace Efficiency through Music

A productive worker isn’t the one who comes to the office first and leave last. They’re not the ones who are overly competitive just because they like to be the center of attention. Neither is the Miss Congeniality at work who may have a lot of friends but consumes her time gossiping and backstabbing others. Everybody could relate that a workplace could not be complete without these inefficient colleagues. However, we also know that there are productive employees that we call true assets. How do you distinguish one from the other? We have gathered data from different studies and here’s what we have come up so far.

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Characteristics of a bad employee

  • Disrespectful to customers, bosses, and co-workers
  • Unable to take responsibility for their wrongdoings
  • Credit hogger
  • Complain all the time.
  • Take shortcuts and does not follow company procedures.
  • Tardy and absent most of the time

Qualities of a productive employee

  • Highly organized
  • Accept feedback or constructive criticisms. 
  • Time-management
  • Good judgment and initiative
  • Healthy relationships with officemates
  • Willingness to learn/Accepts challenges
  • The positive energy in the workplace
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productive employee

There is an emphasis on the last quality of a productive employee because positive energy is contagious and could produce teamwork and a harmonious relationship for all. How does a productive employee radiate positive vibes in the workplace? It starts with yourself and the lifestyle that you have. These are just simple steps in our everyday life that we could do to be efficient at work.

Daily activities for positive thinking

Yoga / Exercise / Meditate before work

Drink your favorite beverage and eat your favorite snack.

Utilize your break time for power naps or short walks.

Listen to music while working.

These are just simple steps that you could do to erase all the negative energy. There are a lot of things we could do to be happy in the workplace. Even simple background music while working could change our mood. 

Everybody loves music, and I know a lot of people already do this. There may be some work that does not allow this because it could distract others. But there’s always Airpods or wireless Bluetooth earphones we could use. Just make sure not to isolate yourself that others will find it hard to call your attention. We have gathered the Top 5 playlist that could bring about positive energy at work.

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Morning Motivation on Spotify

This is the perfect playlist while having your morning coffee or breakfast. These top songs from the 80s up to the present will make you surely sing and dance along to its tunes. Throwback hit songs like ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston from 1987, and 2019 latest songs like ‘Memories’ by Maroon 5.

Office Studio on Spotify

You may not notice how busy you could get from 9 am – 5 pm, this playlist will surely help you get through the day. The playlist will help you focus and concentrate with the soft and serenading songs, mixed with upbeat and party songs to fight the sleepyheads and tunes that even your office mates could sing along too.

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Work Jazz

This 2-hour jazz loop will surely make you concentrate and relax at the same time. For some, Jazz Music reduces their fatigue and may have a profoundly significant effect on your physical and mental health. This is perfect for those who do not like songs with lyrics and just soothing background noise to help them concentrate.

Music to Increase work productivity

As the description of the video claims “The Pulse: Focus, Concentration, Problem Solving.” It does work! The 1-hour playlist will increase productivity through deep relaxation and creating active concentration. Some testimonials of listeners claim higher mental activity, alertness, critical thinking and motivation.

Music for Office

Combined with jazz, piano covers, and tropical vibe makes you want to work harder. The positive energy that radiates while listening to this makes you want to work harder for that tropical vacation that you have been dreaming of for months. The inspiration keeps you going to finish your tasks.

Surely, there are a lot of playlists and music you can listen to while working. There are also internet radio stations like MBI (Mega Best Internet) Radio that could be your work buddy throughout your 9 am – 5 pm hustle. Aside from music and good coffee, there are a lot of ways to become productive at work. Just always remember to put on a positive attitude towards it, be thankful to have a job, and give yourself a break too, you deserve it! The bottom line is, do whatever makes you happy, and you’ll surely achieve workplace efficiency.