25 Reasons You Won’t Be Able to Deny
  1. Never the Same Song Twice: Aren’t you tired of hearing the same old song every single day?
  2. We Don’t Believe In Genres: Your life isn’t all rock n’ roll all the time, neither are we.
  3. Music is Wine: Isn’t it? We think Shakespeare said that somewhere.
  4. Trending:MBI Radio ought to be trending. Maybe use our hash tag #MBIRadio 
  5. The Lunch Counter: Because it is the best mid-day radio show anywhere, like even Antarctica can’t beat this.
  6. Disco, Punk & Musak: Where else can you find all these oldies playing?We are a non-denominational station and welcome all kinds of tunes, no matter when or where they came from.
  7. Elvis is In the House!:No, really.Mr. Blue Suede Shoes himself can be heard crooning away several times a week.
  8. James Arthur is To Die For: We don’t ignore anybody, including those at the top of the charts. We promise to keep you fixed up, not ignored.
  9. Puzzling Points: Play along every evening with Late Night Nonsense and enter our online quizzes for a chance to win really cool swag.
  10. Mr. Twisted: Our resident studio cat often makes suggestions while we are compiling the playlists.There’s no knowing what file he’ll select!
  11. We are International: Just because you had to make a run to Germany or Paris for a corporate meeting doesn’t mean you can’t get your Prime Time Notes fix. Log in and listen no matter where you are.
  12. We’ve Got an App: We had to.Check out the store on your phone and download the app that includes playlists and contact info.
  13. Friend Us: While we haven’t opened any stores, we are on all the major social media platforms and would love to meet you. Be our Friend or Follow Us!
  14. Soothing Sonatas: Freddie has a serious love affair with Chopin and Tchaikovsky. Sometimes you just need a minute to breathe.
  15. The Weeknd is Here: We love the beat featured on their most recent track. Not too hard, not too soft.
  16. Get Neiked: Yep. Sensual is possibly Erik’s favorite song in a decade.He promises not to play it every hour, but he might just play it twice in the morning.
  17. Beethoven Rocks: As time goes on, his symphonies just keep getting better and better.
  18. No Holidays Ever!: It’s a policy.We promise never to play Christmas carols.We don’t have anything against the holiday, but we figure the rest of the dial has that covered. You’re welcome.
  19. No Strange Public Relations Messages: Music, there’s always music.We won’t fill up the hours between 1AM and 6AM with mindless drivel or downloaded audiobooks. We just won’t do it.
  20. The Sound of Silence: Because Disturbed totally killed that cover. Didn’t they?
  21. Sucker for Pain: We are so dedicated to keeping fresh sounds on the airwaves, we tend not to sleep on a regular basis.Which just makes our playlists that much more awesome.
  22. We Love to Polka: Well, not really. But we will play some of the oddest tunes at the strangest times. Not boring, that we promise.
  23. Death Metal: Yes, sometimes you need a head-banging, ear-bleeding rift to sort out the demons in your blood. We understand and support you.
  24. Friday Freakouts: At 5pm every Friday, we play a mix of the craziest headlines and sound bytes from the work week. You’ll be so happy it’s over!
  25. Mega Best Internet Radio: We are what our name says. That is all.

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