Who We Are at MBI Radio

The Dark and Dirty About Our On-Air Talent

Erik Thompson

Bristol, UK

Morning Revolution 6am-11am

 Erik graduated with a degree in Communications from the University of Arts London in 2009. Blending his education with a lifelong obsession for the eccentric and motivated, he created his signature playlist sound by combining musical genres. His favorite things to do when not compiling songs are cross-country bicycling, scuba diving and traveling to Europe to ski.

Like his morning show, Morning Revolution, Erik doesn’t sit down too often. He works at a walking desk–a blend between a treadmill and office equipment–and likes to jog to unwind after an intense online session. If you ever have difficulty understanding his quick voice, just know his year four teacher nicknamed him the Energizer Bunny.

Fredrik Pettersson

Stockholm, Sweden

Lunch Counter 11am-5pm

Fredrik aka Freddie is the brain child of MBI Radio. Born to Swedish parents but raised in an international community surrounding the London consulates, Freddie was always disappointed with the musical offerings on traditional radio stations. Unwilling to accept the status quo, he began airing his playlists as podcasts while at university in the early 2000′. Upon graduation from Harvard Business School with a Masters in Business Education, he turned his mind to creating MBI Radio while returning to London as a corporate consultant.

In 2012, Freddie retired from his JOB and became the full-time CEO and Manager of Operations for MBI. Often found sitting in his Zen garden, Freddie is fond of classical music, R&B and country music. But welcomes any suggestion his audience cares to make.

Nicholas Samson

London, UK

Prime Time Notes 5pm-10pm

Born and raised a Londoner, Nicholas is uninterested in retiring to the countryside–ever. He loves the crazy, crowded and unpredictable beat of the city and enjoys people watching, especially when the Royal family is in town. He says tourists are the best to watch, because they are the most relaxed and act the most human.

On the business side, Nicholas attended university for marketing, but couldn’t be bothered to finish the degree. He was too busy making money with internet startup companies. Well established as a consultant for new business associates, he uses MBI Radio to distract his frenetic mind. He loves to surf for new tunes, sounds and artists and to share them with his rapidly growing audience.

Connect with Erik, Freddie and Nicholas every day through our online request line or through social media. They can’t wait to hear from you!

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