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Be One of the Team at MBI Radio
We can’t do it without you! MBI Radio works hard to keep our awesome playlists available to you 24/7. But the fact is three guys just can’t stay up all night, every night and skip all those awesome concerts. Our expanding audience demands that we increase our staffing immediately to continue to deliver cutting edge sounds to every computer and smart phone on the planet. Check out how you can be a Mega Best member!

Guest Hosts

Sometimes we just can’t make another mix. If you have a passion for blending music, comedy, news and insanity, send us a 10 minute audition tape. We’d love to include your one-hour playlist in a special spotlight on Late Night Nonsense. We don’t allow porn, but that’s just about the only limit in place. Who knows, we might even invite you to send us another one!


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Web Design

We have a part-time position open for web page design and maintenance. This will include maintaining correspondence with our growing audience, forwarding music requests to on-air personalities while ensuring the stability of our interactive platform. Knowledge of app development is useful as we hope to upgrade our current offering in the next year. Send your resume to Freddie or Nicholas for review.

Overnight and Weekend Support

We need sleep! Part-time positions are available for radio monitors. Perfect for students or retired individuals with unusual schedules. Once the playlists are uploaded, support personnel are responsible for ensuring we remain on the air and take steps to re-establish interrupted connections. Basic understanding of computers is helpful. Training will be provided. We won’t tell if you spend the whole night studying, as long as we keep putting on the tunes! Contact Erik if you are interested in this unique opportunity.

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