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MBI Radio – Mega Best Internet Radio

Welcome to MBI Radio, your internet radio station playing the Mega Best tunes every day of the week and keeping you jazzed up as you work, play and struggle through your daily commute. We’re not here to play just rock or metal or symphonies. We’ve got it all.
We’re NOT supported or promoted by record labels or major media conglomerates. That means we get to play the music you want to hear, not what we want you to buy. You’ll hear it all from Keith Urban to Jennifer Lopez to Little Mix to the latest productions at Albert Hall.

Morning Revolution

Erik spins you out of bed and out the door with his crazy upbeat collection. Designed to get your blood pumping, you’ll find all your latest dance tunes mixed with high-octane rock to get your engines fired up. Of course, while contemplating the latest news or a new memo from your boss, you need to keep it light, too. Laugh out loud as Erik works to find the funniest sound bytes from last night’s comedy talk shows, comedy acts from Las Vegas and a few really bad internet jokes.
You’ll be smiling while you’re eating breakfast and while saying good morning to the office.

The Lunch Counter

Freddie, the guy flippin’ burgers and music in his West Side studio, knows how easy it is to get distracted right around the time your stomach starts growling. No worries! Mega Best Internet Radio has the perfect midday show to lower your blood pressure and help you filter out all that inner office angst. He blends jazz, international hits and instrumental classics to fill the airwaves with calm and serenity. Check out our Short-Order window where you place your requests for your Lunch Counter favorites. Sometimes Freddie has surprise packs waiting for you to click on the Place Order button, so check us out and find your inner zen every day right around noon.

Prime Time Notes

Night time is no time to lose your energy! Merry Nicholas is the master of mix, finding all the latest hits on the top charts and bringing them together for four hours of heart pumping action. Dance, electronic and rock come together to raise your pulse and keep you energized as the lights downtown come to life. A perfect soundtrack when you’ve got your gaming system lit up or as you are just getting the chores done as fast as possible, Nicholas understands that keeping your adrenaline pumping is the best race to race towards the night.

Late Night Nonsense

Whether it’s a killer card game or an overnight study group you want to entertain, you will never be able to predict what you will find playing on your computer in the darkest hours. We don’t know! Erik, Freddie and Nicholas just don’t have it in them to stay up 24 hours a day, so they fill their playlist with random inspiration and let it entertain you. There’s never a repeat, just hours of unique tunes.

Spread the Word

You’ve discovered hidden treasure on the internet at MBI Radio. However, if you want us to keep bringing you the most awesome music all day long, we need more listeners! Register for our daily newsletter and share the email link with your friends. For every new subscriber you refer, we’ll send you some really cool stickers, ear buds, T-shirts or whatever else pops out of the promo bin. Share the wealth and help us become the best internet radio station!

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